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Emotional Development

  • Demonstrates age appropriate emotional development
  • Expresses feelings and talks about them.
  • Is learning to manage own feelings.
  • Understands that feelings can change with contexts.
  • Understands and shows concern for other people’s feelings.

 Ideas for Supporting Emotional Development

  • Cuddle your child! Cuddling, comforting, playing with, spending time with and talking to your child are the foundations of successful emotional development. A child who is happy and secure is more likely to demonstrate age appropriate emotional development.
  • Show an interest in your child. Talk to them about their day and things that interest them. Being proud of their achievements and celebrating these in the family helps to develop confidence.
  • Have fun and laugh with them!
  • Respect the range of emotions your child has. Talk to your child about how they feel. Naming their feelings and giving them the vocabulary to talk about them helps them to begin to understand their emotions. Play a game with them, “Show me an angry face! Wow! That was really angry! What makes you angry? How do you feel when you are angry?” etc
  • Talk about how our emotions make us feel and appropriate ways of expressing them.
  • Talk about how different characters in books feel and how they are showing this.
  • Work in partnership with all the adults who help look after your child. This helps your child to feel happy and confident.

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