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Term 3 Inter Disciplinary Learning Context: Weather

Our Learning

This term in the Early Learning and Childcare Centre we are exploring all elements of the weather. We have had plenty of changes in weather recently giving us a lot of learning opportunities and experiences. 

We have been checking our weather station and recording the weather daily.

We have watched weather reports to see how the professionals report it. 

We created a role play area where we can practise weather reports, putting weather symbols on our map of Scotland. We made our map or Scotland by tracing round a picture projected onto the SMARTboard.

We spent time exploring the snow, building snowmen and relating it to the songs and rhymes we have been learning. See our twitter page @OurLadysRRS to see the video we made.

 5 Little Snowmen

We saw a rainbow appear after a rain shower and recorded our experiences through pictures and different medium. We made a salt dough model.

We played a game on the SMARTboard in which we had to follow instructions to place the correct weather symbol on a place on the map of the UK.

We have been drawing weather pictures and recorded a description of these on the talking clipboards. These were then hung in a gallery for other children to listen to our descriptions.