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Gross Motor Skills




  • Has good control of body movements.
  • Throws and catches a ball with two hands.
  • Runs and kicks a ball.
  • Bounces a ball and catches it.
  • Climbs the ladder on the slide or walks up and down the stairs without help.
  • Hops up and down on one foot at least one without losing balance.


Ideas to help Develop Gross Motor Skills

Dancing, either freestyle or through songs with movements, such as "I'm a Little Teapot," "The Wheels on the Bus," or "Popcorn": I'm a piece of popcorn, put me in a pan/Shake me, shake me, as fast as you can (child shimmies, shakes, and jumps)/And I ... will ... (child crouches down low) ... POP!" (child jumps as high as he can). Dance and movement classes, like ballet or tumbling, can be fun but aren't necessary for motor-skills development. It's more important that kids simply have time and opportunity to move their bodies.

Walking around the house, local area or park. For variety, add in marching, jogging, skipping, hopping, or even musical instruments to form a parade. As you walk, tell stories, look for colours, count, or play games.

Swimming and other water play.

Balancing. Have your child walk on a piece of string or tape, a low beam or plank at the playground.

Imaginative play. Children boost their motor skills when they use their bodies to become waddling ducks, stiff-legged robots, galloping horses, soaring planes—whatever their imagination comes up with!

Riding tricycles, scooters, and other ride-on toys; pulling or pushing wagons, large trucks, dolls prams or shopping trolleys.

Building and navigating obstacle courses–indoors with furniture, pillows, boxes, blankets; outdoors with rocks, logs, or playground equipment.

Throwing, catching, kicking, and rolling large, lightweight, soft balls.

Swinging, sliding, and climbing at a playground or indoor play space.

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