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Primary 6


                                                 In Primary Six we are learning about The Blue Planet.

     We have learned all about different species of marine life.  We have learned how the species behave, what they eat and where they live.

           We have learned all about Sir David Attenborough who made the documentary series Blue Planet 2. We organised his life timeline into chronological order and wrote a biography about his achievements.

           We have used writing tools such as onomatopoeia, similes, alliteration and layout to create an imaginative poem about the ocean. We also made our own view of the ocean in our classroom to show the species we have learned about. It is our own window to the Blue Planet. We also made our own sgraffito paintings of an ocean scene. To create this we had to create a layer of crayon on paper for our base. Then we painted a top layer of back paint mixed with washing up liquid on our base. To create the ocean scene we scratched our chosen images with a wooden skewer. We think they are really effective. 

Aiden, Sean and Kieran M


We have been doing Paired Reading with Primary Four. Paired Reading is when you get a buddy for six weeks from Primary 4 and you work together to develop your reading skills. At first we did a reading test with Mrs MacLeod to check our reading age. Then we had training which taught us how to help our Primary 4 buddies to improve their reading. We use the five finger rule to check if the book is the right level. When you have the right book, you start to read together and our buddy gives us a signal when they want to read on their own. If they need help we will help them with tricky words. At the end the Primary Six and Primary 4 children will take another test to see how their reading has improved. We love paired reading.

Caitlyn and Ellie


We have been learning about Catholic Education Week. We talked about Serving the Common Good, which is when you are not selfish and you do something for other people's good. We have also been exploring the Gifts of the Holy Spirit through the Pope Francis Faith Award. We are trying to be like Pope Francis by helping the homeless and giving love to the people who need it. We have been learning about Jesus and his disciples, we are trying to be more like them.

Jamie and Asia